Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days of DaNella's Brain... Microbursts! Day 6 (3)

You can always make me smile... ^ Matt and Nana, below is Tym and Ann

Make God Smile

My daughter Nana (12) woke me up last night at about 2 am with tummy troubles. So I had to get up and get her some medicine. My bedroom opens straight in to the living room, so as I walked from my room through the living room to the kitchen to attend to the Nana, I smelled something. Suddenly I realized I was smiling, without me even thinking about it.

You must understand I don’t usually deal very well with getting woken up. If I am awakened for no reason, I can be an absolute bear (the kids often refer to me as Grizella at those times). This at least was a good reason; I don’t want my Precious Nana feeling bad. However, for me to actually smile when I have been awoken at 2 am is very unusual.

Once I smiled I became curious as to what had brought about this strange phenomenon. Then I recognized the smell of vanilla, and remembered that earlier that day I had bought one of those plug in air fresheners and as I smiled I had just passed the spot where it was plugged in. I must have caught a pleasant whiff of vanilla

That reminds me of the verse in Ephesians 5:2 “Live in love as Christ also loved us. He gave his life for us as an offering and sacrifice, a soothing aroma to God.” That says our praise is as a sweet, soothing aroma to God I bet it makes him smile!

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