Monday, August 29, 2016

I really really like this pen...

I have this pen I love... I can tell you exactly when I got it. May 2014 Miss Kitty (aka Karen Hilla) was in town specifically for Matt (18) and CJ's (17) high school graduation. We love Miss Kitty, I have known her since she was 12, and she has known the kids all their lives. She was in the country from China where she had been living for sometime. She let me borrow this pen to sign a card. Mistakes were made... I LOVED it. It is ultra fine, very small precise writing and it's BLUE!!!!!! I LOVE BLUE! I have blue eyes, I even have blue hair... I love blue. So, I promptly informed her she was not getting her pen back. Being the sweetheart she is, she acquiesced and I got to keep the pen. I have had it for 2 years. Two long years... and I never read it. Can you believe that? Kinda weird. I didn't care what it said, I cared that it writes good, is blue and was from Ms Kitty. Everytime I use it I think of her. Tonight I got it out to write in my prayer journal. Not about her, but I thought of her and said a prayer for her as I often do. She just left the country to spend another 2 years in China. For some reason (God's prompting perhaps?), tonight I read the pen. Do you know what it says???
"My favorite past time is thinking of you.
Today is special and so are you.

It's a very very beautiful day"
Well I'll be... How cool. It reminded me of Psalms 119:11 
"I have hidden Your word in my heart so I won't sin against You"
If we put God's word in our heart when we don't need it, it will surface when we need it and comfort us. How cool is that? 
I miss you Miss Kitty!!!

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